Clean Home. Professional Service. Fair Price.

Optimal Cleaning & Disinfection Guaranteed

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Happy Houses Cleaning Service is the best way to keep your home spotless all the time. We ensure that our cleaning techniques match the highest quality standards and that your expectations are fulfilled to ensure that your house is impeccably maintained. We get the work done with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from cleaning and disinfection aspects!

Save Your ost Precious Time and Money

With the hectic schedules that most of us have every day, cleaning your home can be a daunting task. We can assist you with your cleaning needs, whether they be for your house, apartment, rental property, or a move-in/out issue. Simply inform us about your house, choose your desired date and time, and choose the best service for you. We’ll handle the rest for you!

Punctual, Cooperative, & Competent Cleaners

In our 13 years of work, our staff is the most precious asset we’ve earned and are proud of. HHCS has the best cleaners on board in terms of training, experience, task management, competence, and cooperation. Our maids/housekeepers always arrive on time and finish their work swiftly and efficiently. You’ll be delighted to let our maids assist you in home cleaning.

Airbnb Rentals Cleaning

You take care of the hosting, we’ll manage the cleaning. Share your Airbnb calendar with us to get your rental property cleaned regularly. Our housekeepers take 15-20 min to clean up and prepare it for the next guest.

Deep Cleaning Service

Once we’ll do detailed cleaning and disinfecting of your home, it’ll not require a deep clean for a long time afterward. Our deep cleaning is available for winter, spring, or anytime you feel like it.

General Cleaning Service

Looking for an affordable option for general cleaning of your home/apartment? Let our maids help you with the most effective cleaning methods and advanced tools to make your home sparkling from each corner.

We Work to Make a Difference!

To satisfy tThere are many professional cleaning companies in Las Vegas. What’s so unique about Happy Houses Cleaning Services?
Why should you choose us?

How do we make sure to serve you better than others?

Our home cleaning service is for busy professionals or overworked mothers who aren’t embarrassed to ask for a little help around the house. It’s meant to take care of all of your household cleaning chores so you can spend more time doing the things you like.

Well, there are numerous reasons and features that help us stand out from the crowd. Let’s discuss a few:

  • We train our cleaners from time to time to make them well-versed with evolving cleaning techniques, and the application of advanced equipment.
  • Our booking process is as convenient as it can be, you can schedule your desired service within a minute.
  • Our cost policy is transparent, since our inception, we’ve never asked for hidden charges or upsells from any of our clients.
  • Our maids and housekeepers are subjected to appropriate background checks at the time of hiring because your safety is our priority.
  • Let us know within 24-hours if you don’t like cleaning in some areas, we’ll redo it for you free of cost.

Contact us at (702) 538-3016 to get personalized assistance at fair prices.

That’s how we calculate our cleaning services cost:

First and foremost, we’ve kept our prices extremely reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about budget draining, we don’t do that there. Our maid cleaning services are highly affordable and we calculate service charges based on these factors:

  • Type of cleanup selected by the client.
  • Location and size of the property.
  • Additional services such as laundry and carpet cleaning (shampooing, steaming) are charged separately.
  • Personalization also may affect the overall cost.

Feel free to discuss your requirements at length. We Are here to answer all your queries and concerns.

Your Happiness is Our Priority

A clean home is good for your mental and physical health. Ultimately, we work for your happiness. Our motto is to be your helping hand in getting a healthy, comfortable, and spotless home where you can forget about all the stress the world has given you and relax with your loved ones!

Result-driven Cleaning Procedures

We have been working in Las Vegas since 2009 and counting, we’ve learned and improved a lot with time. Our maids have experience in handling every kind of residential cleaning project with ease. Our vast experience and knowledge make us the best pick for all your home cleaning needs!

We Offer Free Touch-up Cleaning

There is no doubt about it that our maids/housekeepers do not leave any stone un turned to provide you with 100% satisfaction. Still, mistakes can happen. If you see any area inappropriately done, just let us know within 24-hours and we’ll touch-up cleaning for free of cost!

We Care About Your Safety

Happy Houses Cleaning Services cares for the client’s safety the most. You trust us with your home, we value that. Therefore, all of our maids and housekeepers are screened through extensive background checks to be a part of our team. You’ll certainly not regret hiring us!

our happy clients

“The maid you sent was very cooperative, she worked diligently despite my kids and dog interfering a lot. Highly appreciated! ”

Sherlock B.

Client, Happy Houses

“I never get time to clean my apartment, but thanks to your weekly cleaning I don’t have to worry about it anymore. “

Zeno Scott

Client, Happy Houses

“Good job. I am very much satisfied with the work your maid has done. Thanks for using the products I asked for.”

Sarah J.

Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

See expert replies to customer queries about our cleaning services:

What if anything gets broken during cleanup?

We advise you to keep your valuable jewelry in your possession and notify the cleaners. Although it is extremely improbable that our maid will break something.

What will it cost for regular cleaning in Las Vegas?

Our regular cleaning service starts from $125 in Las Vegas.

What is the cancellation procedure?

There is no cancellation fee as such, but you’ll have to inform us 48-72hours before the appointment day.

What is the cancellation procedure?

There is no cancellation fee as such, but you’ll have to inform us 48-72hours before the appointment day.

How many people will come to clean my home?

We generally send a maid/housekeeper to clean a home. The number of cleaners may vary depending on the size and type of the cleaning service.